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My passion for art begins with a love of nature influenced at an early age by my father. As an avid biologist and hobby beetle collector, my dad dragged me on many great adventures throughout the United States, Japan, and France. Together with my sister and our Sheltie Pepsi, the four of us explored wild places in search of beetles, frogs, horses, and anything alive and interesting. Although each trip held hilarious mishaps, we were inspired by my father's respect for nature and the value he placed on all life around us. Through my artwork, I attempt to capture a small piece of the beauty around me. 

Although I have lived in a number of location over the years, I currently reside in Tucker, Georgia where I teach art at a local high school. I find sharing my passion for art and creativity with a new generation is satisfying and inspirational. As a lifelong learner I have a hard time choosing just one medium, so my work ranges from portraits in a variety of media to hand made jewelry in silver, copper and stone. I love sharing what I know with others, so please get in touch if you have any questions about my work and processes. 


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